If your wedding is yet to occur, you can plan a photo to use for your Wedding Mandala.

If you have a professional photographer organised, they may already be taking the kinds of photographs that will work well, and will certainly already be creating technically accurate photos (eg. with good colour, clarity, focus).

Be sure to ask your photographer to include some close-ups of your wedding bouquet (if you have one), from a few different angles, or else take some photos of other details that are significant to you, eg. details in your dress/clothing, or your jewellery, or things like shells on the beach, nearby plants and so on.

Some people have provided photos of items not from the wedding itself, but otherwise very important to the couple. For example, I’ve had couples who supplied photos of their favourite crystal, another chose photos of their reception party lights, another supplied photos of the macaroons they loved to eat while courting. Whatever is important to you as a couple, can sometimes be photographed, and then becomes a more unique and personally meaningful Wedding Mandala.

Similarly, whomever is taking your photos would benefit by seeing what a Wedding Mandala is, and the examples of photos that show the ‘before and after’.

Please also discuss any copyright issues with your photographer, as outlined further on the briefing page.

You or your photographer can contact me or chat online if you would like to discuss further.