To get the best results for your Wedding Mandala, your choice of photo is very important. I advise the following tips for choosing your photos:

Best choices:

  • your photo will be a fairly close-up image of the bouquet, or (if not the bouquet) provide detail in the element you choose as the basis for your mandala
  • your photo size will be as large as possible, eg. the original photo from the camera (this is called high-resolution).
  • your photo will have sharp focus in the area of interest
  • your photo will have clear colours in the area of interest
  • your photo will be well-lit, without harsh shadows

Poor choices:

  • Do not choose photos from Facebook or other online sources (these are usually scaled down, and so are low-resolution).
  • Do not choose photos that are small, blurry, faded, or muddy in colour.
  • Do not choose photos with poor lighting, eg. low lighting can create dull/dark photos, and harsh lighting can create harsh highlights with deep shadows

In any case, send me your photos via the online chat, and I will review them prior to making progress on the designs.