Your Wedding Mandala artwork file will be prepared for professional printing.

I supply you with a link to download the final print-ready file.

You can either forward the link to your print supplier, or download the file and copy it to a USB or such.

Alternatively, you can upload the file to do-it-yourself online tools for your wedding photo albums, etc.

The file technical specifications are:

File typePNG (lossless)
Color ProfileAdobe 1998
Dimensions (overall)3150 pixels square
Dimensions (optimum face area)2688 pixels square

These specifications allow your Wedding Mandala print to be very high-resolution (high detail) when printed on gloss photo paper up to approximately 26cm square.

Prints are still quite high-resolution and sharp on gloss photo paper up to sizes of approximately 42cm square.

Prints on Canvas can be much larger due to the absorbent nature of canvas fabric, creating a ‘softer’ effect, and due to the increased viewing distances of larger prints. Canvas prints are still very clear and sharp on scales of approximately 50cm to 60cm square.

I have printed Wedding Mandalas to canvas at 1 meter square, and I personally found this acceptable for my eye.

My recommendation is that anywhere from 26 to 42cm square will be optimum for prints on gloss paper, and these are a scale intimate enough to have in your bedroom or family room.

My recommendation for canvas prints is optimal at 50cm to 60cm square, but can be printed up to 1 metre with good clarity.